Photo by Aundre Larrow

Photo by Aundre Larrow

Jordan Demetrius Lloyd

is a dance artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Originally from Albany, NY, Lloyd graduated from The College at Brockport where he performed works by Maura Keefe and Alexandra Beller. He has collaborated and performed for Karl Rogers/Red Dirt Dance, Netta Yerushalmy, Tammy Carrasco/Wild Beast Dance, Catherine Galasso, Brendan Drake, Laura Peterson, Ambika Raina and David Dorfman Dance. He currently teaches at Rutgers University and Mark Morris Dance Center, and has set work for David Dorfman Dance at several universities. He pursues his own choreographic endeavors and has shown work at Judson Memorial Church, The Center for Performance Research, Brooklyn Studios for dance and other venues throughout New York state. He was selected as a 2019 Center for Performance Research Artist in Resident and is a recipient of the 2019-20 Fresh Tracks Performance and Residency Program at New York Live Arts.

“My approach to making is visual and imaginative, producing materials that viewers can both see and feel. I use movement as a tool to manipulate time and space and stretch the edges of the collective experience. By rooting my work in complex physical vocabulary and performative intention, I aim to muddle interpretation and complicate association, keeping the viewing experience active and participatory. My work seeks to sustain attention, evoke questions, and stimulate opinions.

My work is guided by qualities of velocity, precision, and layered specificity. I prioritize formal elements such as shape, design, and texture to arrive at a place of cohesion, while also leaving space for performers to follow their instincts, ultimately interpreting and responding in the moment. I also play with scale and oversaturation to manipulate existing material and shape it to the happenings in a given space at a given moment.

I aim to design elements beyond the choreography itself, focusing on all moving parts that contribute to the fullness of the experience. It excites me to transcend an audience into the unknown where all they have is themselves and how they feel about what they are seeing.”

- Jordan