Photo by Aundre Larrow

Photo by Aundre Larrow

Jordan Demetrius Lloyd

is a dance artist currently based in New York City. Originally from Albany, NY, Lloyd graduated from The College at Brockport where he performed works by Maura Keefe and Alexandra Beller. He has collaborated and performed for Karl Rogers/Red Dirt Dance, Netta Yerushalmy, Tammy Carrasco/Wild Beast Dance, Catherine Galasso, Brendan Drake, Laura Peterson, Ambika Raina and David Dorfman Dance. He has taught for David Dorfman, and is on faculty at Mark Morris Dance Center. He pursues his own choreographic endeavors and has shown work throughout New York state.

"I make art because I want people to feel something, to get a visceral response from watching bodies move in relation to time and space. I encourage dancers to care less about what the movement looks like, and focus more on what it feels like. When performers open themselves up to being seen in an intimate practice, they give the viewer the possibility of feeling something deep within themselves. 

    Exploring how movement interacts with time and space reveals opportunities to experience both tension and pleasure. Tension can bring the mind to a place of angst, the desire to want to know, and in that surrendering we can make ourselves vulnerable to feeling something new.

    I am in a practice of considering identity in my work because I work with human bodies. Bodies that have history and lineage, that carry different experiences and different ways of consuming movement. I question how choreography can allow politics like race, gender, and size to be seen and further understood. Organizing bodies in a way that makes you see someone differently, or the same. Work that encourages patience and surrender, in order to appreciate thoughtfulness. Work that brings you back to yourself, with new information."

- Jordan